Visual Basic 6 : Error Merging Word VBE6INTL.DLL

I found the problem on one client computer. Client computer fails to print a report to Microsoft Word. The error message that appears is

“The language DLL ‘VBE6INTL.DLL’ could not be found.”
“The Visual Basic environment could not be initialized.”

This problem always occur even if  the computer is restarted. In the days before printing was never a problem like that.
Some solutions that I found on the internet is to do a registry repair. But it did not work for me. After making the registry repair using an application, the above problems still occur.

So what’s the solution?
Due to the above solutions do not work, finally I try it yourself. I’m looking VBE6INTL.DLL file location on my computer and then I copy the file to the client computer at the same location and suceeded. Problem SOLVED!

In my computer, VBE6INTL.DLL location is in directory C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Microsoft Shared \ VBA \ VBA6 \ 1033

Hopefully helpfull

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